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Activities in our lab.

Research activities.

Belle detector. Belle control room during operation.

We have been working on KEK B-factory experiment (Belle experiment) at High Energy Accelerator Reserch Organization (KEK) at Tsukuba, Japan. Especially B meson decays into charmonium for studies of CP violation as well as exotic resonances and Tau lepton decays to measure spectral functions. We are also working on detector upgrade research and development particularly for the electromagnetic calorimeter based on scintillating inorganic crystals.

Data taking in PHENIX control room.

On the other hand, we have joined the PHENIX Experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory(BNL) and the ALICE Experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). These experiments research a new state of matter (the Quark-Gluon Plasma) by using the colliders such as RHIC or LHC. Many physicists, engineers and technicians all over the world have been working there together. Graduate students and stuffs also visit and stay at BNL or CERN in order to work for the most advanced physics with them.

Undergraduate senior students will ...

A setup of detectors. A setup of readout electronics.

In our lab., undergraduate senior students will learn High energy Physics basics by proper textbooks and perform an introductory experiments. The thesis of Bachelor are found in this page (written in Japanese).

Graduate students will do ...

Master course students commit physics analysis with Belle experiment data, or advanced detector research and development. The compilation of master thesis can be found in this page(written in Japanese).
Doctor course students propel very detailed physics analysis, or play key role to construct the detector to publish results as refereed journals (Physical ReviewAPhysics LettersANuclear Instrument and Method and so onj. The compilation of Doctor thesis can be found in this page.

Last update : 2016 July 27th