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What is High Energy Physics?

"Elementary Particles" mean the most fundamental building blocks of the matter. Nowadays, Quarks and Leptons as well as the interactions exchanged among them are the objects of research. Proton and neutron are revealed to be composite object comprised by constituent "Quarks". Electron is still the point-like particle categorized into a spices of "Leptons". Size of quarks and leptons are found to be less than 10-18m, very very small.

An illustration of high energy reaction.
In order to investigate such small size world, very large momentum transfer is necessary and thus the high energy particle accelerators are indispensable to produce the desired reaction. We need also the detector system to measure energies and momenta of the created particles by the high energy reaction. The complete facility comprised by an accelerator and a detector is too expensive to be owned by one group in an university. Therefore we form an international collaboration to build and operate such a facility to propel researches.

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Lat updated : 2010 May 10th