A List of Doctor Thesis in NWU HEP Lab.(since 1991)

  • Elisabeth Panzenboeck (Joint supervision with Goettingen, Germany. Dec. 2014)

    Title: Branching Fraction Measurement of B± → χc1 π+ π- K± and Search for a Narrow Resonance with the Belle Experiment
    [ Thesis, pdf(2.2MB), Presentation for examination, pdf (4.1MB) ]
  • Tomoko Iwashita (Jan. 2013)

    Title: Measurement of B → J/ψ η K decay branching fraction and search for narrow resonances in J/ψ η final state
    [ pdf(6.7MB)]
  • Miyuki Fujikawa (Jan. 2009)

    Title: Measurements of the branching fraction and Time-dependent CP Asymmetry Parameters in B0→K0 π0 decays
    [ pdf(3.6MB)] [ Presentation ppt(4.7MB)]
  • Ayako Imoto(Sekiya) (Jan. 2007)

    Title: Measurements of the branching fraction and di-pion mass spectrum in B0→J/ψ π+ π- decays
    [ pdf(10.3MB)]
  • Mayuko Kataoka (Jan. 2005)

    Title: Measurement of the Polarization Dependence of Charged Current Cross Sections
    in e+ p Deep Inelastic Scattering at sqrt(s)=318GeV
    [ pdf(3.1MB)]
  • Sachiko U. Kataoka (Dec. 2004)

    Title: Study of Time-dependent CP Violation in B0 → J/ψ π0 decays
    [ ps.gz(6.8MB)]
  • Hitomi Ikeda (Jan. 1999)

    Title: Development of the CsI(Tl) Calorimeter for the Measurement of CP Violation at KEK B-Factory (170 page),
    [ps.gz:chap1-2(0.2MB), chap3(0.4MB), chap4(10.5MB), chap5(0.4MB), chap6(5.6MB), chap7-8(8.9MB), directry, figures ]
    NWU-HEP preprint 99-01
  • A detailed test of the CsI(Tl) calorimeter for BELLE with photon beams of energy between 20 MeV and 5.4 GeV
    K. Ikeda et al., N.I.M. A441(2000)401-426
    ( ps.gz:1MB)
  • Kazuko Adachi (Jun.1998)

    Title: A Study of Jet Production in gamma-gamma Collisions at TRISTAN. (136 page)
    [ps.gz file(2.2MB), tex(main.txt), directry, ]
    Paper: Phys. Lett. B451(1999)256-266
  • Masako Iwasaki (Jan.1996)

    Title: Measurement of inclusive electron cross-section in gamma-gamma collisions at TRISTAN
    [tex(main.txt), ps(chapter1-2 :1.5MB), (3 :4.2MB), (4-5 :880KB), (6- :1.2MB) ]
    Paper: Phys. Lett. B341(1994)99-108, NWU-HEP Preprint 96-01
  • Taeko Nagira (Jan.1993)

    Title: An experimental study of triple gluon coupling in e+e- annihilation at TRISTAN.
  • Kanako Muramatsu (Jan.1993)

    Title: A study of hadron production via two-photon process and a measurement of the photon structure function(F_2^gamma) at TRISTAN
    [tex(main.txt), ps(847KB)no-figure]
    Paper: Phys. Lett. B332(1994)477-487
  • Naoko Iida (Jan.1991)

    Title: A study of resonance production in two-photon processes at TRISTAN
    Paper: Phys. Lett. B234(1990)185-, NWU-HEP Preprint 91-01

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